Our Journey Together

{First Week}


As many of our close friends and family know (and thank you ALL for your support and motivation! :)) Anthony and I have started a new lifestyle of health and fitness TOGETHER!

Over the past year I have lost some weight and reached my weight loss goals, so I have been putting off starting this blog back up because I don’t want it to seem like I am bragging! But I wanted to start and share this new chapter in our life with my husband by my side, because before I started my own journey a few years back, I didn’t think I could lose the weight that I needed (and or wanted too). But now that I know that I can, and how to do it, I want to share this next adventure with you, if sharing how we are doing this helps just one person then it is totally worth putting our story out there :)!

Total to date…I have lost over 100lbs! It has not been an easy journey and I had many many ups and downs. I tried SO MANY diets, but I have never been good at anything too restrictive. So finally, last year I got serious about it, I made a commitment to run 3-5 times a week AND started a wonderful workout program. I learned how to cook with different (healthier) ingredients, about portion control, and most importantly I learned how to eat clean and fuel my body for energy without feeling deprived of anything. Once I figured out what worked for me the pounds literally melted off.

Fast forward to this year and new beginnings {smiles}, my husband has decided to join me in my new lifestyle {praise}! This is a total game changer for the BOTH of us. Up until this last week I did all my workouts on my own, and now Anthony is there right beside me, working out with me and pushing me beyond my limits. We are both eating healthy and clean, which means now I don’t have to stock the pantry and fridge with unhealthy foods that only temp me! I love that we are now doing this together because we are BOTH setting an example for our boys that will last a lifetime!

This first week has gone really really well, and I am so proud of Anthony for the changes that he has chosen to make! Below are some of our photos from the 1st week of our new journey together! I promise to be back soon and update as we progress TOGETHER!



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