-Week 3-

I can’t believe that it is already the start of week 3, these weeks are flying by! I am still in shock at how easy it is to stick with a program and how effortless it feels when you have someone to do it with you and keep you motivated and on track!

I have been so proud of Anthony, and his hard work is paying off! Weigh-day was Sunday and the scale showed a 32lb loss since the last time he was at the doctors for a check-up! I knew that he was losing weight because I could tell.  His family even noticed it this weekend as well! He has really adapted to this new lifestyle and is willing to do whatever it takes to succeed (including turning down SUBS and eating them without the bread! NSV…for the win!) He even started to wear his new FitBit Blaze, and joined me in a few weekend and workweek challenges! Did I also tell you that he is running with me nightly?! Like I said I couldn’t be any prouder of him then I am right now :)


I lost almost 2lbs this past week, and I am totally okay with it! I worked my ass off for the entire week doing both my BeachBody on demand workouts and evening runs! I recently decided to take the cant and negative talk out of my workouts and to stop putting limits on myself. I completed a few REALLY tough workouts this past week and I did them with ZERO modifications. I even tried some that included plyo type moves! I am starting to see a HUGE difference in my endurance and overall body strength. Things that were once too hard to do I am now doing them AND finishing them! NSV was when I took a pic today and noticed that my baby quads are growing into teen quads…haha!


I seen the quote below in my iFit Book and decided to make it this week’s motto!


Hope everyone has a great and successful week! Keep going strong!

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